Zen of Regeneration and Invokation
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Healing [R]
 Various Results
Vita after Invoke
Vita Restored
Vita lost on Invoke
Vita Regeneration
Mana Regeneration

How to use:
This determines Various values of person
Healing [R]: Almost noone seems to notice, but when you wear a helm(et) you see "Healing" Well that value is shown, when you take off any piece of clothing, and put it on, in your status box. This value is important for calculating your Vita regen. (Poets have 100++ cos of charm/pw etc) Vita: You enter here how much vita you have.
Mana: You enter here how much mana you have. (Restore, restore is dependant on CURRENT Mana not max).
Vita after invoke: The vita you'll have with your stats after you invoke (Vita is dependant here on CURRENT vita, and mana is on MAX mana)
Vita restored: For poets with restore, the restore heal value, of your CURRENT mana (not MAX (unless full)
Vita lost on Invoke: As Stated. (MAX mana needed).
Vita Regeneration: How much vita you regen (MAX vita dependant)
Mana Regeneration: How much mana you regen (MAX mana dependant)
For those that are unclear about "Current vita and Max vita" etc. Means, Some formula such as, Regen, invoke loss need your FULL mana, as it's independant of your current mana. (i.e. it's always the same). Current Mana is stuff like restore, That depends on how much mana you have at the time of your restore.

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